New way of advertising on broadcast & streaming Media

A New advertising revenue opportunity is now available to Commercial Broadcast or Streaming Radio Stations worldwide. is an online Ad Spot production and sales engine which is linked to any Media’s Website.
Advertisers now able to log on to their participating Media’s web address:
Select the time slots and dates for broadcast
Record using their own voice or Upload a prior produced Ad Spot of 15,30, 45 6s second duration. Pay by Credit Card and Checkout.
The MP3 file and financial details and insertion order are emailed to the Radio Station for broadcast.
The funds are transferred simultaneously to the account of the Radio Station’s PayPal account.
Stations manage their own minutes and prices on the system and access transaction reports.
There is no cost to join or to maintain an account for either Media or Advertisers using the engine. takes a commission.
There are no collections, bad debt, production costs to the Media Station.

Learn more at our support site

Call 1 (732)-7AD-SPOT for further inquiries SellByRadioLogo3


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